Laura Whipple: What are we going to do? We can't just keep on waiting!

Auntie: Apaches can wait. I've seen them wait for hours... days even.

Bill Longley: They want a fight, let 'em come to us. Sometimes the first man to make a move is the first to die - right, Auntie?

Chopstick Joe: Gentlemen...

Hotshot Charlie: Gentlemen? Uh-oh - big wind at 9 o'clock.

Raphael: Leonardo, explain to me again why we're creeping around in the dead of night instead of home in our nice, damp lair?

Michelangelo: Yeah dude. We just blasted the Technodrome into Dimension X.

Leonardo: The Technodrome may be gone, but Shredder and Krang are still loose.

Donatello: And this is the best chance we'll ever get to put those goons away for good.

Raphael: And I still say we have some vacation time coming.

Gordon Kent: Somewhere in this universe someone has been watching us for a million years... waiting. Waiting until we have the secret information... when we could power an atomic-type torch!

Larry Calhoun: It's an inside job, all right. The way this plant is guarded, an insect couldn't get through.

Mike Jardine: He's refusing to tell us which coffins he put the body parts into. We'll have to exhume the lot.

DCI Jim Taggart: Well then, exhume the lot!

Mike Jardine: That unfortunately includes your Auntie Hettie, sir.

Supt. McVitie: Going somewhere, Jim?

[as Taggart walks to the exit]

DCI Jim Taggart: I'm away to see Jean, sir. Then... I think I'll emigrate!

Joseph Varga: Can I interest you in something, mister?

Wade Clinton: This junk? The only thing I might be interested in is the woman.

Joseph Varga: She's my wife.

Wade Clinton: It's all right, I won't hold that against her. She for sale?

[Chick has killed one of Blackston's sons and driven off another]

Chick Bowdrie: I've got one of Blackston's boys holed up in a store down the street.

Bill Longley: He'll keep.

Chick Bowdrie: Well, there's one out back that won't keep more than a day or two - not in this weather.

Cyborg: [about Gizmo] Hey! What's he doing here? He's no hero I thought this was suppose to be a tournament of...

Gizmo: [Gizmo interrupts] What's the matter robo-whip? Afraid I'll kick your stinkin' can.

Cyborg: [goes eye to eye] Just try it!

Angie Fulbright: There are ways of making money - lots of other ways... if you were only smart.

Dr. Arthur Fulbright: I won't touch that kind of money!

Angie Fulbright: All right, all right! Starve! Stay in your cave, you old, weak, spineless failure, not good for anything!

Hookie Barclay: He came staggering out of that lane

DI Robbie Ross: Staggering, was he injured?

DI Robbie Ross: He was injured alright, been hit by a bar.

Jake Romer: I play within the law.

Bill Longley: The law isn't always justice, Mr. Romer.

Jackson: Pa, why don't we ride out of here while we're still able? If we got that place they'd only run us off.

Houston: They're just hayshakers, Jackson.

Jackson: They were hayshakers in Missouri, too, and in Tennessee before that! Hayshakers can get mighty mad.

Jackson: Did you hear that, Pa? That was Bill Longley.

Polk: Along about tomorrow, he'll have another name.

Jackson: What's that?

Polk: Deceased.

Master of Games: I am invincible!

Robin: How can you be invicible if you don't have the champion of champions?

Peter Talley: He was evil, but death is for God to decide.

Dr. Andrews: I've found a finger, Jim!

[as he removes human remains from a compacted automobile]

Jim Taggart: Mammy, Daddy!

[staring into the sky in disgust]

Captain Lomar: Chopstick, you're a fool!

Chopstick Joe: I don't mind being a fool for the 10% I'm making on this deal.

Speedy: May the best man win!

Robin: I intend to.

Wayne Crowder: You've got to get way up to reach a star, Wayne.

Marty: If you fall, you're Humpty Dumpty.

Janice Baird: You know what they say about a man who does that to his ice, don't you?

Lokai: Yes. You can always count on him to lick the competition.

Lokai: Something like that.

Supt. Jack McVitie: We are going to get our bollocks chewed off for this

DCI Jim Taggart: You'll have to sew mine back on first, Jean had them last night

Bill Longley: [to Chick] Don't worry about Whipple. I don't want any trouble with him. If you're lookin' for trouble for yourself, you've come to the right place.

Beast Boy: Aquadude, what's up! Ready to watch me win all those prizes?

Aqualad: No. But after I win, I promise to let you have my autograph.

Lokai: You been listening to this?

Janice Baird: Hard not to.

Lokai: What do you think?

Janice Baird: About?


Janice Baird: That whole hair on the back thing has always been a turn-off for me. And you?

Lokai: Oh I dig a chick with a healthy 'fro... Wherever I can find it.

DC: Do you think he's our killer?

DCI Matt Burke: The only thing he's killing is his liver

Peter Talley: I didn't ask for this terrible power. Oh, God, why was it granted me? It's not for man on Earth!

[Longley is reading a magazine when Chick sneaks in]

Chick Bowdrie: I wouldn't start any continued stories.

Bill Longley: Anything I start, I'll finish.

Beast Boy: [Robin tosses Beast Boy the Brain] Dudes, check it out.

[they freeze the Brain]

Beast Boy: Brain freeze.

[everyone groans]

Alex Dewar: I wouldn't chop up a woman, terrible waste.

Professor Adrian Sykes: You think I'm insane, don't you?

Lokai: I'm relaxing Carl, on your money. He hates losing, but he's so damn good at it.

Chopstick Joe: What's the matter, flyboys? Run into some unexpected sky?

Terry Lee: We'll give you a full report in the morning, but right now we're too tired for bright talk and juicy jargon.

Aldridge: Well, well - still in town. Thought you might be smart enough to know when you're not wanted.

Bill Longley: Sometimes I'm stupid.

Aldridge: Stupid people get hurt sometimes, you know.

Bill Longley: So can smart ones. They get caught.

Aldridge: Caught for what?

Bill Longley: Murder.

Raven: [flying towards the other Titans] Is it just me or is this getting easier?

Madame Rouge: [Madame Rouge appears in front of them] Children, when will you learn?

[gets tackled by Hot Spot and Wildebeest]

Raven: Like I said....

Lokai: Mr. Antoine.

Antoine: Mr. Lokai... Sleep safely.

Thaddeos E. Klang: I am Thaddeos E. Klang, finder of rare lost antiquities.

Katie Dodd: I have a problem with names. Can I just call you lying thief?

Beau McCloud: I'm wondering if we're not making a mistake waiting like this - gives him an extra day to think about running away.

Jim Hardie: A man gets his legs cut off can't run very far.

Michelangelo: You know... I feel kinda bad for the little bot.

Raphael: Little?

Michelangelo: You know, he was kinda like a little kid.

Donatello: Too bad he had such a rotten parent.

Raven: [pauses in the battle when she realizes her charges are following her] Okay, fine. Just stay away from anyone *older* than you.

Antoine: Good, then it's settled. We'll all stay inside and soon things will return to normal. Now, I have planned a marvelous weekend. Food, drink, entertainment. Pieter? Drinks for everyone. I love that color on you. It's going to be a festival, I promise you.

Lokai: Well done, Mr. Antoine.

DCI Jim Taggart: [to McPherson, who was thrown into a pile of cow manure] Go and get a wash, you're honking!

[looking out at the desert]

Nathan Chance: A woman like you wouldn't stand much chance out there.

Katherine Anne Murdock: Maybe better than here.

Nathan Chance: I don't know about that. If some short-legged Comanche didn't lift that pretty rolled up hair of yours, the desert sun would sure cook the salt out of you.

Katherine Anne Murdock: What a quaint way of putting it.

[Bill shot Cagle in a fair fight]

Aldridge: Right on time, Sheriff. This stranger there just shot Cagle in cold blood.

Sheriff Rangel: How could that be, Sam? Cagle's gun is still in his hand; just fired, too. Looks like a draw to me.

Bill Longley: Doctor Fry?

Doc Fry: That's right - doctor of horses, hounds and humans. Some people say I'm best with horses.

Raven: So, does anyone actually *have* a plan?

Starfire: Yes, we kick the butt!

Cyborg: Just like old times.

Beast Boy: Except better!

Robin: Let's finish this!

Wolf: I'm warning you, Beaker, when I hunt for somethin', I kill it, so that makes Jamie or anyone else who gets in my way already dead.

Antoine: My deepest condolences, Mrs. Bailey. If it's of any comfort at all, the coroner tells me your husband's death was... Instantaneous.

Jean Taggart: And a limousine too!... You never did anything for her when she was alive, now you do this! I'll never understand you, Jim!

[Jean curses Taggart after he goes against Aunt Hettie's wishes and buys a top of the range coffin and hires a limousine for her funeral]

[after a sharp exchange of words between the Dragon Lady and Lomar]

Chopstick Joe: With all these sparks around here, we need some lightning rod.

Cyborg: I don't even know where to begin!

Beast Boy: I do! I'm not stopping until the Brain is *mine*!

Cyborg: Well, let's get it started!

Mr. Hertz: You play games with me. Rechek... He liked games. Only thing is. He lost.

Lokai: Well that's the difference between Carl and me. You see... I never lose.

Molly Cunningham: Mister Guardman, can i have a drink of water?

Additional Voices: No! Haven't you heard? There's a water shortage, keeps turning to ice.

Nathan Chance: You sure got a chin full of argument. What are you doing out here?

Katherine Anne Murdock: I'm writing a book, if you must know.

Nathan Chance: You know, I've only read one book in my entire life: Aesop's Fables. There's a story in there about a fox who wanted some grapes. He called 'em sour when he couldn't reach 'em. I reckon some folks are apt to feel that way about life when they can't quite grab hold.

[Judge Bradford has just been bushwhacked]

Bill Longley: Judge Bradford!

Judge Bradford: That's right - what's left of me.

Oriental: No funny business.

Chopstick Joe: [waving a wad of cash] Not when it's money business.

Raven: Blue's still my favorite color, and you're still not funny.

Beast Boy: ...Raven!

[throws his arms around her]

Janice Baird: Kind of old for a groupie, aren't we?

Lokai: Look, the sun is coming up. Why don't we discuss it over Breakfast?

Janice Baird: I don't do breakfast.

Lokai: Me neither. It's amazing how much we've got in common. Lunch?

Janice Baird: Nope.

Lokai: Dinner?

Janice Baird: ...Nada.

Lokai: Twenty questions, naked, in the bathtub... Say around midnight?

Janice Baird: Who's back to the faucet?

Lokai: Mine, of course.

Janice Baird: You just won yourself a prize, groupie. Room 212, around midnight. And don't forget your submarine.

Lokai: It's going to be a pleasure watching you perform, Janice Baird... A real pleasure.

Dr. Stephen Andrews: If you want to know what killed him, I'd say asphyxiation.

DCI Jim Taggart: He was buried alive!

Dr. Stephen Andrews: I can think of a better death.

DCI Jim Taggart: I can think of a better job right now.

Jamie Coburn: You know why they call it Calico? 'Cause the folks who first came to these parts said they were going to spread the town over the land like a gal spreads her calico skirts at a picnic. That's just what they did... trouble is they never had time for the picnic.

[Jackie is at the dance with Hyde]

Michael Kelso: How can she be with him when she's so clearly not over me?

Annette: I think the question is, how can you be with me when you're so clearly not over her?

Michael Kelso: Wait, is this a riddle? Start over.

Kyle Richards: I don't care what he calls himself - he's a hired gun!

Sheriff: His gun's not for hire. Everybody in Texas knows that.

Katarou: You think you can stop me?

Robin: I know I can!

Katherine Anne Murdock: Western law enforcement is apparently quite incompetent.

Jim Hardie: Western law is no different than any other law.

Katherine Anne Murdock: Laws are silent in the midst of arms - Cicero.

Jim Hardie: And laws aren't valuable only because they're laws, but because there's right in them. A man by the name of Beecher said that.

Reginald "Red" Forman: Kitty, every time we have an empty room, you want to fill it up with a stray child.

Kyle Richards: Nobody could kill both Bray brothers unless he drew first!

Sheriff: Nobody but The Texan.

Robin: You could have taken a class, but no, you had to travel around the world!

Katherine Anne Murdock: A woman's point of view can be a dangerous thing.

Jim Hardie: Well, the truth shouldn't be too dangerous, ma'am.

Lokai: Come on out, bitch. It's time to hula! You didn't really think you'd get away from me, did you?

Les Torbit: This morning some of my steers were grazing in the lower section, the range we've been fighting over. Kyle Richards spotted 'em. He sat there in his saddle on top of that ridge and just shot 'em down. I went crazy, started blazing away - so did Richards. It was Vicksburg all over again... only this time you weren't with me.

[first lines]

Terry Lee: Taking the flight away from us and giving it to Morrell - there must be some reason.

Hotshot Charlie: I know a guy got this nose snipped off looking for reasons and when the party of the first part is Chopstick Joe, one can lose the other attachments including an eye.

Cyborg: [to Starfire and Beast Boy] I can't believe you two would go into Robin's room while he's gone and wear his uniform and pretend to be Robin.

Starfire, Beast Boy: Well...

Cyborg: Without me!

Hawk: Things were just gettin' interestin', Chance. What were you plannin' to do, save the lady from sin and corruption?

Nathan Chance: I've got better things to do.

Hawk: Well, that was the whole point of our bein' here. So far I haven't heard nothin' but music and the clink of glasses or that sceamin' female.

Nathan Chance: Ain't you heard the clink of fifty thousand dollars?

Hawk: No. Maybe my ears aren't so good.

Nathan Chance: Wouldn't have to be good. They aren't more than twenty feet from you.

[indicates Major Shankford]

Nathan Chance: It's in a belt around his waist.

Hawk: A lot of fat to be carryin' around his middle.

Nathan Chance: Bad for the heart.

Officer Fine: Long time no see see.

Andy Conway: You going to Chicago?

Officer Fine: yep Case I'm working on, i cant really talk about it.

Sheriff: Wait a minute - don't I know you?

Bill Longley: Could be.

Sheriff: Bill Longley... The Texan.

Monkey: I am the Guardian of the Trees.

Robin: [takes a breath] And if I want to get to the top of the mountain, I must first defeat you.

Monkey: How did you know I was going to say that? Do you know what I'm going to say next?

Robin: No.

Monkey: Me neither. It's been a while since anyone's gotten this far up the mountain.

Jim Hardie: What makes you so bitter?

Katherine Anne Murdock: I'm cynical, Mr. Hardie. Can't you tell the difference?

Alan: Are you cold?

Della: Yeah, a little. It's the wind.

Alan: You should have let me buy you that fur.

Della: Next time.

Eric: [re: his quitting his roller disco alter ego Rainbow because everyone is teasing him. He is throwing away his skates and outfit.] You know here, I'm just an average kid. But down there, down there I was a *star*.

Kyle Richards: You want to know where Torbit is? Well, I'll tell you - locked up in jail for puttin' a bullet in my sister, a fourteen-year-old girl who never did a mean thing in her life... shot down in cold blood by Les Torbit! You might as well forget it, Mister, because if she dies, he'll swing from a tree.

Robin: There are no endings ... Only new beginnings.

Jim Hardie: You seem to sit a horse very well for an Easterner.

Katherine Anne Murdock: My family's been riding to the hounds for years, Mr. Hardie.

Jim Hardie: Well, I hope we can show you our way of life out here hasn't had the chance to go to the dogs yet.

Fulton: Are you sure that you're doing the right thing, sir?

Carlton Webster: What do you mean, Fulton?

Fulton: [referring to Linda] Well, how can you be certain that she will fall in love with you, even after you make these... changes?

Carlton Webster: Because I love her, and love conquers all.

Fulton: Love can also be blind, sir. I just pray that you aren't the only one it conquers.

[first lines]

Hotshot Charlie: [speaking into the cockpit microphone] Hear this, hear this: Air Cathay Flight 54, coming in on baling wire and bubble gum. Sortie points: Tokyo, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Catalina, Coney Island, Fire of All Nations and Cotton-Eyed Jean's Creep Joint.

Terry Lee: That mike's been dead a year. You know what it's good for?

Hotshot Charlie: Sure! Cracking walnuts.

Sheriff Loomis: Nice town, huh? Killers outside free; innocent kid in jail.

Raven: Blue's still my favorite color and you're not funny.

Beast Boy: ...Raven!

[hugs Raven]

Nathan Chance: Like you said, Hawk. What I do is my own business.

Hawk: I also said your throat needed cuttin', Chance. They don't call me "Hawk" for nothin'.

Nathan Chance: Don't miss - you won't get a second chance.

Carlton Webster: I want to look like I'm thirty years old.

Nick Yarboro: You killed a friend of mine this morning.

Bill Longley: That was self-defense.

Nick Yarboro: I got a witness who says different; not that I really need him. You see, mister, nothing stampedes the folks around here more than the killin' of one of 'em by a stranger - self-defense or not. You'll hang, Texan.

Bill Longley: So you know me, huh?

Nick Yarboro: Well, sure. Your trouble is you don't know me or you wouldn't have meddled in my affairs.

Raven: You may have created me. But you were NEVER a FATHER!

[blasts Trigon]

Trigon - The Guardian: Wretched! Insignificant -

[gets blasted again]

Raven: Father's are KIND!

[blasts Trigon]

Raven: Father's PROTECT you!

[blasts Trigon]

Raven: Father's RAISE you!

[blasts Trigon]

Raven: I was protected by the Monks of Azarath. I was raised by my friends! They are my family! This is my HOME! And you are not welcome here! Azarath Metreone Zinthos!

Katherine Anne Murdock: I-I want to thank you for saving my life.

Nathan Chance: Don't thank me, New England - chew my head off like before. I like you better with the same kind of crust like I've got.

Longtooth: In the mouth, over the fangs, away with the hunger pangs!

Sheriff Loomis: Bill, I got great respect for you. You've got something I need now - a fast gun, fast brains - and I need your help. Hate to see you go.

Bill Longley: I'm not goin' anywhere.

Starfire: On my planet, this is hilarious.

Nathan Chance: I told you no shootin', Hawk.

Hawk: We got what we wanted.

Nathan Chance: You're branchin' out. I don't like it!

Hawk: Every man for himself, mister.

Nathan Chance: Even wolves work together!

Hawk: But the big one, the lobo, he calls the shots.

Longtooth: Have you had any dental work in the last 72 hours?

[last lines]

[referring to the stolen museum pieces]

Terry Lee: Do you think they were worth it?

Georgia: A girl can try.

Georgia: [to Lt. Leong] Well, what are we waiting for.

Bill Longley: Who's Dan Keyes?

Sheriff Loomis: Oh, one of Nick Yarboro's boys.

Bill Longley: And who's Nick Yarboro?

Sheriff Loomis: Compared to him, Dan Keyes is a gentle, lovable man. Yarboro owns the saloon and most everything else. Half the town works for him.

Bill Longley: You, too?

Sheriff Loomis: You know me, Bill. I ain't got the brains to be dishonest.

Trigon: What you have concealed you shall become. You have no other choice. Your destiny will be fulfilled. The portal must be opened!

Niles Talbot: It's all a big food chain, we eat shit and shit eats us.